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Keith Wallace

Keith Wallace, Winemaker

Keith Wallace

Keith started his career as a winemaker in Napa Valley, followed by a star turn in Tuscany. His work earned him accolades in the wine media, including multiple 90-plus ratings.

It was at this point that the idea of H Winery started to take shape. Keith envisioned a working winery that would function both as a luxury label and a vocational school for aspiring winemakers.

His path in wine took a further academic turn when he founded the Wine School of Philadelphia in 2001. He continued to work as a professional winemaker, merging H Winery into his new school.

His innate ability to teach was spotted by both the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel. In time, his work at the university level gave him the vision to become a founding member of the National Wine School.

H Winery continues to flourish under Keith’s guidance: a one-of-a-kind institution that creates both great wine and great winemakers.

The Early Years

A Winemaier in Tuscany

A Theology of Wine

For Keith Wallace, a degree in viticulture was an awkward life choice. He came from a family that didn’t drink alcohol.

“Everyone expected I was going to become a Protestant minister. That’s been the trajectory of my family for three centuries,” says Mr. Wallace

Instead, Keith became obsessed with wine. He points to the start of his fascination when worked as a line cook at an upscale Italian restaurant north of Boston.

“I guess food and wine became my new religion, I’m afraid” he laughed.

Winemaking in Italy
Keith in Tuscany, Circa 1999
At the Wine School in Fairmount
Keith at the School’s original location, in 2005
The Start of a New Chapter

Wine School Origins

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