Winemaking Certification

A Winemaking Program with a Difference

Traditional programs in winemaking require between two and six years of higher education to complete. Many people interested in winemaking do not want to go to university. Our students come to us because they are wary of the traditional university experience or more comfortable with a hands-on learning environment.

Unlike a traditional school, our program has minimum entry requirements. Rather than a multi-years-long program, our winemaking certification program is only six months. The program includes eight sessions in the classroom and dozens of individual sessions available to all students. At the end of the program, you will have made and bottled your own wine!


A candidate must be over 21 and have a Level Three Sommelier Certification to qualify for this program. This sommelier certification requirement is critical because a lot of the work requires a deep knowledge of core wine flavors that even the most sophisticated wine lover will lack. This type of certification only takes between one week (for an accelerated program) to two semesters.

We recommend the National Wine School programs, as they can be taken either online or in-class at a qualifying wine school.

Program Locations

We currently are offering this program at one location, but we are in negotiations to expand to two other locations. We are currently holding our winemaking certification program at the Wine School of Philadelphia. The school also offers Level Three Certification programs, so you can take both winemaking and your sommelier course at that same school. This school is located at 109 S. 22nd Street in Philadelphia. It’s a great school and has been registered for over.

Elements of the Winemaker Certification Program



Wine Science

Lab Work

Barrel Program


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